Introducing Me 🙌🏿

Hey guys! I’m Taylor, and I’m a young writer from the first state. This is me in an acronym:
T is for Twisted and Scream obsessed–gotta love Rico and Randy!
A is for Avan Jogia lover, although I am not obsessed, like some people think. Lots of people follow him on Instagram. Also, his new haircut? Swoonworthy.
Y is for Yearning to be a famous author, and working on my debut novel.
L is for Lover of young adult fiction.
O is for OMG-ing while reading a Sara Shepard book–specifically the last three books of PLL, and the first book of The AmateursOr OMG-ing while reading literally any book from The Shadowhunter Chronicles. 
R is for Really, really, really awesome.

Writing is my life, and I’m really happy that you take time out of your day to read my blog posts. If you like what you read here, then you should check out my Wattpad. I’m nycgirl013!

Hope you guys enjoy reading these posts! Especially my long, extremely biased Twisted Tuesdays posts.


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