Death of an American Star

As you know, my thirteenth birthday was last month. Today was the long-awaited celebration of said birthday. With the help of Without a Cue, we put on “Death of an American Star.” The party featured characters such as Tyler Quick (played by yours truly), Kaylee Joiner (played by Zoe*), Smiley Cyprus (played by Ciel) and Serena Gomez (played by my mother). The night was filled with twists and turns, and shocking details about each character was revealed.

My character was relatively innocent. I mean, I was in the judges chair when Shawna Twang was murdered. Even though I was convinced that Leah Mikale (played by Aria) was guilty–because she hated my show and everything it stood for since she was a “real” singer–the killer turned out to be Kylie Stickler, seemingly innocent country singer who claimed to have spilled Kool-Aid on her clothes (I don’t know why I didn’t see that).

Solving the murder was the best part of the night, but there was a game of charades that we played during a break. One team would send up a volunteer, and the other team would tell the volunteer something to act out. The team had to guess. My team was first, and the song we had to guess was “Give Your Heart a Break.” None of us got it, but kudos to Ciel for trying! It actually made sense after I thought about it. That was probably the second best part of the night!

We also did a Pitch Perfect-esque Riff-Off, which was also pretty cool, but also harder than I thought. It’s actually really difficult to come up with a song quickly that has the word in question in it. Still fun, and I’d definitely do something like that again.

All in all, the party was really great. I would definitely do something like that again: I hear that Without a Cue does Sweet 16’s as well!

*used aliases in this post as well. I couldn’t help myself.



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