13 More Things I Wish to Do While I’m 13

As some of you know, my thirteenth birthday is today! Last year, I published a list of twelve things to do while I was twelve. Here’s that list, and I’ve checked off everything I’ve done. 

After that list, I’ve written a list of thirteen more things to do while I’m thirteen. Enjoy! 

1. Get all A’s and nothing but A’s I my pre-algebra class. (Translation: understand what my teacher says!) ✔️
2. Finish all six seasons of Gossip Girl! Currently on episode 16 of season four.✔️
3. Find a new book series to read besides PLL.✔️
4. Finish writing all of the stories I’ve been writing. (I finished one!)
5. Finish reading Romeo and Juliet. I’ve been on Scene 2 since May of last year! 
6. Be more assertive. ✔️
7. Rock my part at the school play-and get an even bigger part next year! (I did rock my part, but this year we didn’t have a play.) 
8. Get my crush to notice me. I’m not telling who it is, but I’ll give you a hint. Those glasses are so cute! (I did this, I just don’t like him anymore. Sigh.) 
9. Enter a writing contest. 
10. Win a writing contest.
11. Learn a new language.(I’m learning French!)
12. Get through the year! ✔️

13 MORE Things to do While I’m 13 

1. Finish the novel I’m writing with a friend. 

2. Try to stay on the honor roll. (Fingers crossed for distinguished honors!)

3. Try finishing every single anime in my list. That’s going to be a very fun challenge. 

4. Find yet another book series, this time without a cliché protagonist. 

5. Instead of trying to make my way through an entire play, maybe just read more of Shakespeare’s sonnets. I actually like the ones we’ve read in school. 

6. Say, “Sorry, I’m Jewish,” the next time someone says Merry Christmas to me. Just to see how they would react. 

7. I’m going to go small scale again and say finish two stories. 

8. Tell my English teacher that a short story is no less than 20,000 words, and mine was only about 6, 350 words. Who cares if it was over twenty pages? Double spacing it did not help. 

9. Or I could just write an actual four page short story. Challenge accepted!!! 

10. Read more Stephen King and Nicholas Sparks. 

11. Become a better artist. By that, I mean make my Impossible Task a little less impossible. 

12. Learn to play an instrument! 

13. Actually do all of the things on this list! 


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