A Great Start to Being 13

When I woke up this morning, my first thought was Please let this be 4:00 am so I can go back to sleep. Then I remembered: it’s my birthday! 

I was in a pretty great mood after that. 

When we got to school, my friend Ciel* surprised me with brownies. It was a very sweet gesture. (Definitely nicer than a spider!)

Then she told me she planned to spend the whole day embarrassing me. She was very successful. She told almost everyone who walked in that it was my birthday, and then she told an entire group of our teachers the same thing. 

In Social Studies, she stood up on a chair and led the class in singing “Happy Birthday.” But I have to admit, the theatrics were nice. (Although I wanted to crawl in a hole when my math teacher announced that to the class) Thanks Ciel! You’re a great friend! 

Lunch is when things got a little crazy. For some reason, our guidance counselor handed out packets during lunch, so we all rolled them up and started beating on each other with them. It was amazing. There were two sneak attacks after lunch, too. Fun times! 

All in all, today was a great birthday. I look forward to being 13! 


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