Today was probably the best day I’ve had in forever! Even though my throat is raw from screaming…

Today was my first time ever going to a haunted house. Not just any haunted house, but Frightland! It was so awesome. I went with my friends Savannah and Sydney (these are real people!) and Savannah’s dad.

Savannah, Syd, and I all got matching t-shirts that said “Zombie Bait”. Then Sydney and I let Savannah do zombie cosplay on us. I was a girly zombie, and Sydney and Savannah were classic zombies.

When we got to Frightland, we got accosted by a zombie before we even entered the haunted barn! I was so freaked out, I screamed and ran away.

Let me tell you, that was not as scary as some of the things Savannah’s dad did. In one of the houses, I said to Syd, “I won’t get lost, I’m hanging on to Savannah’s dad!”

He leaned over and whispered, “I’m not her dad,” in this super creepy voice. I screamed and Savannah was like, what are you screaming about?

The first house was the most terrifiying. One of the dead girls kept laughing in my ear, and it was so freaky. I kept screaming and grabbing Savannah, and I wouldn’t let go of Syd. And Savannah’s dad would constantly scream at nothing, scaring us all. Mainly me. Also, while we were in the kitchen, something yelled out and grabbed my foot. I was so scared!

After we finally got out, Savannah, Syd, and I ran out and didn’t stop until we got far enough away.

The next stop was a zombie prison. I was supposed to be the head of the group, but when a zombie prisoner got in my face, I pushed Savannah in front and hid behind her. I don’t think I let go of her until we got out of the prison. But after exiting the prison, we had to get off of this bus. I didn’t think it would be that bad, but then a prisoner jumped out at us. I screamed loudly, and started pushing Savannah because she was walking so slowly. Later that night, she told me that she was going slowly because of how tightly I was grabbing her. I don’t even remember grabbing her, but apparently I did. It makes sense, now that I think about it.

Next we went on the hayride, which was awesome. I sat next to Savannah’s dad, and when we first started moving, he leaned over and told me he planned on grabbing Savannah’s shoulder to scare her. It made sense, because the zombies and monsters and such were hopping onto the wagon. It was funny, too, watching her scream.

Well, it was at first. We stopped moving in this dark tunnel with creepy red lights, and Savannah’s father took the opportunity to grab and tease us so much that we fell off of the seat. It was terrifying.

All in all, the hayride was pretty fun. I’m guessing it wasn’t as much fun for Savannah. Syd was digging her hands into Savannah’s leg, and I was digging my hand into Savannah’s arm. We were holding hands too, and when the clowns came out, I remember squeezing her hand so hard, she was like, you’re breaking my hand!

But can you blame me? I was terrified. The last guy had laughed in my ear, and I had my face buried in Savannah’s jacket.

After we got out of the hayride, there was another house to enter. In this house, I screamed and grabbed onto Savannah, as per usual, but this time she said, “Taylor, quit doing that!” 

One of the workers heard, and then they all started saying my name and getting in my face. Then Savannah, Syd, and Savannah’s dad all started doing it too. I was so terrified, I hit my head on the wall. I said that out loud, and one of the workers says, “Watch your noggin, Taylor!” 

I was scared out of my mind.

By the next house, I wasn’t as terrified. That one was really fun. Savannah looked at me and she said that she would be Sebastian and I could be Ciel (from Black Butler). I agreed, and the creepy lady running it asked if we were game to be experimented on. And she kept playing with our hair. 

I am slightly ashamed to admit I offered Savannah to be experimented on.

But hey, Sebastian has to do whatever I say. And it was an order!

That one wasn’t as scary, but the attic was. It was pitch black, and Savannah and Syd made me go first. 

Naturally, I made Savannah’s dad go first. I held on to him the whole time as well. I wasn’t as scared, because something funny happened. 

We entered this room full of skeletons, and I saw a person hide behind a wall. I kept screaming, “There’s a guy! There’s a guy!” 

Nevertheless, someone screamed. I laughed and said, “I told you there was a guy.” 

After that, we went on all of the rides. Going on the Gravitron was my favorite. I loved the feeling of no gravity.

Later, we got fries, and Savannnah put ketchup on the top. I hate ketchup, but I accidentally grabbed one with ketchup. It tasted really strong and acidic. Syd and Savannah said it tasted like hand sanitizer. 

Yet Savannah licked the ketchup off of her fingers. 

So we went to get something else, and this guy Miles comes up and says, “Excuse me, but I’m pretty sure there’s alcohol in the ketchup.”

We think he was right. It tasted awful. The ketchup was replaced, but I no longer trust public condiments! 

What’s funny is, just before Miles came up, I had said, “This is going to make a great story!” 

And it did. I think I’ll remember this night for years to come.


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