First Day of Seventh Grade

Bonjour, mesdames et messieurs! Today was my first day of seventh grade in the International Baccalaureate program. It was totally awesome. Let me walk you through my day. First, I stood at the bus stop for twenty minutes waiting for my bus to come and watching six other buses drive past. Fun! So I called my mom, and we drove to school, picking up my friend Savannah on the way.

From there, it was off to school for the real fun! When we got to school, we received our schedules (again) and were instructed to head to the cafeteria to eat breakfast, socialize and wait for the other buses to arrive. After leaving the cafeteria, we went to our A Day homerooms. For me, that’s Health and PE with Mr. Shue. But, there are only six of us in that class. Everyone else has Spanish, and that’s where we went. In there, we learned about school rules, and went over the student handbook.

Then we had lunch! Lunch, if you’re curious, consisted of chicken patties, veggies (carrots and celery), water ice (the brand name was American Hero Ice, and it was delicious). There were also salads, chips, milk. Normal school lunch selections.

Next, we took our school pictures, and I can actually see your eyebrows going up in confusion. Well, the reason we had school pictures today was for our school IDs. After going back to class, we took our class picture.

Right after that, we had an assembly and we took a tour of the school. After touring the school, we the got the chance to individually meet all of our teachers. It was like having a walk-through of our A Day and B Day schedules.

Once that was over, so was the school day. It was a pretty great first day. So as school begins, I want to know. How was your first day of school? if you haven’t had it, bonne chance! I hope you have a day just as great as I did. If you have had your first day, bonne chance for this school year.

Make it a great one.


4 thoughts on “First Day of Seventh Grade

  1. Sounds awesome! Question: Do you have uniforms? Because tomorrow for me it’s back to polos! 😭 And fun fact: When I was reading this and I saw Mr. Shue I misread it and thought it said he was your music teacher. Then I proceeded to throw my face in the couch and question life.

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    • We do have uniforms, but our uniform policy is less restrictive. We can wear any color polo, and we can also wear navy and gray pants. We are allowed to wear hoodies, but only hoodies with the school logo.

      And that is super funny!

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