Gossip Girl Takeover 9: XOXO

Hello, lovelies. It’s Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of everyone, really. 

I hope you’re all having a wonderful summer, because I know I am. I’m writing to you from an undisclosed location, because I can’t stand being in the city during the summer. 

Which sucks for you, because I have been busy–and from the looks of it, so have some of you. I hear R has a birthday coming up. Lucky for her, I’ve decided to leave her alone on her big day. Unless there’s a major scoop. Then all bets are off, sweetie. 

Speaking of J, I hear she’ll be back in town today. I also hear that she’ll be returning with a new look. Keep an eye out, kids. 

And N. Innocent little N. I’ll bet that her stalker hadn’t quit since the school year ended–I think we’ve got another A on our hands. Which sucks for her. The last thing she needs is someone else watching her every move. 

Anyway, in other news, N also has a new bae. Details, you ask? I think not. 

I hear J’s got her eye on someone too–does she ever stop? I think we just might have a mini-Serena on our hands, so watch your back, girlies. 

Anyway, I bet you’re just dying to know who I am. Details, you ask? I think not. 

Oh, all right. One hint. Clearly, I’m close friends with J. Why else would she let me use her blog to reveal the details of her life and the lives of her friends? But while I’m close friends with J, am I close friends with R, N, C, H, A, K, and M? 

Sleep on that, kids. 

In other interesting, cool news, did you hear that gay marriage is now legal in all fifty states? There is also a tiny tropical island 3,000 miles from Australia (with no gay residents) that legalized gay marriage. 

Didn’t I tell you I had interesting news? 

Have a wonderful rest of the summer–you’ll be hearing from me soon. 

XOXO, Gossip Girl ❤️😘


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