Happy Belated Birthday! 

It is an indisputable fact that Barney Stinson is the coolest character on How I Met Your Mother. (You can’t argue with this solid logic.) 

It is an even more indisputable fact that Neil Patrick Harris, the actor who portrays Barney, is just as cool. (I’m serious about that logic!)

Another indisputable fact about Neil Patrick Harris is that his birthday was on Monday! And so I just would like to wish him a happy belated birthday!!! 

And I would also like to make it clear that I knew when his birthday was, I just made a mistake. 

Okay, fine. See, I am on vacation. I just neglected to bring my phone with me on this vacation. 

Anyway, that’s not important! What’s important is that Neil had a birthday, and I feel that as a fan, it was important for me to acknowledge that. 

So happy late birthday, NPH! Next year I promise I’ll be on time! 


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