Today, April 3, could’ve been just a normal start to spring break. (Except waking up at 4 am to catch a flight!) 

But it was not! 

See, in September of 2014, I started watching Red Band Society and Gracepoint. While I was watching, a promo for a new show came on. This show was Empire. 

But I figured that the only reason I’d watch Empire was because my favorite actress, Taraji P. Henson, is on it. So I didn’t plan on tuning in. 

Until I was watching the Gracepoint finale and an extended promo for Empire was at the end. (It was 20 minutes long!) 

Long story short, I ended up watching Empire. 

Today, as I mentioned, was the start to my spring break. My younger brother and I were flying to St. Louis. In the line for security, my mom leaned over and told me the guy in front of us was Hakeem from Empire. I was like, yeah right. They had the same hair, but I wasn’t convinced they were one and the same. 

Until I saw his face. Then I was a believer. 😉 It really was Yazz! 

After getting out of security, he was still there, and we got a picture with him. Can you say #bestdayever? 


P.S. He’s cuter in person and so nice! 


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