YouTube’s Greatest: Tyler Oakley 

If you can’t tell me why Lilly Singh would never die in a horror movie, go to your room. 

If you don’t know who Tyler Oakley is, go to your room with no supper. 

And while you’re in there, watch some YouTube videos. Geez Louise. 

Tyler Oakley is the second-best YouTuber, second to IISuperwomanII, also known as Lilly Singh. Sorry, Tyler, but you gotta love her! (And I’ve seen more Superwoman videos. 😊) Not only is he a YouTuber, but he’s an LGBT advocate. He’s a good one, isn’t he? 😃

And if you’re one of those people who have been banished to their rooms, check out his channel here. And no spoilers! I love Tyler, but I have not seen all of his videos. The first video of his that I watched was “How To Catch the Gays.”

And while we’re talking about Tyler, can I just say? 

Happy birthday to my favorite fangirl 😉! 


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