10 Ways Gossip Girl and Twisted Are Alike

Warning: Spoiler Alert! 

1. Both shows have a character who faked his death. In Gossip Girl, it’s Bart Bass.  In Twisted, it’s Vikram Desai. 

2. Both Vik and Bart were killed by their teenage sons, Danny and Chuck. Not to mention the fact that they both died because they were pushed off of something, and then fell to their death from that thing. 

3. When Vik and Bart were killed, a girl who loved their son was present. Danny had Jo, and Chuck had Blair. 

4. Both shows feature a queen bee who dates an underdog. In Twisted it was Danny and Lacey, and in Gossip Girl it was Blair and Dan. 

5. Both shows feature a somewhat creepy male character named Daniel. There’s Twisted’s Danny Desai, who’s creepy because of the way he enters buildings through windows–typically without permission. And Gossip Girl’s Dan Humphrey, who’s creepy because he is Gossip Girl. 

6. Both shows feature friendships where one friend was in love with the other, only for the person with the crush to end up depressed when the object of their affection ends up with someone else. In Gossip Girl, there’s Vanessa Abrams, who was crushing on Dan only to find he was dating SvdW, who prefers to be called Serena van der Woodsen. And then there’s Twisted. Jo was madly in love with Danny, and then he started dating Lacey. 

7. There was an incriminating video of a secret tryst between two characters released at the wrong time. In Gossip Girl, the video was of Serena and Dan–and it was filmed while Dan was dating Blair–released at a debutante ball. But not just any debutante ball. The debutante ball of Serena’s boyfriend’s daughter, who also happened to be Nate’s girlfriend. The Twisted video was of Danny and Lacey, released just after Danny and Lacey had broken up…and when everyone thought Danny was a killer. 

8. Both of the videos mentioned above where filmed in equally disturbing ways. The Gossip Girl video? Filmed by Serena herself. The Twisted video? Filmed by a Mathlete named Doug who barely knew Lacey and Dannny, yet felt the need to put on a mask and film them through an open window. 

9. Both feature a scheming female–Gossip Girl’s Georgina Sparks and Twisted’s Whitney Taylor. Not only do they enjoy schemes, but they enjoy a night out. 

10. Both of these lovely shows feature two best friends that fight, but ultimately love each other. There’s Jo and Lacey, and Serena and Blair. And they always are forgiving that male friend–Danny and Dan. 


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