Emergency Gossip Girl Takeover! 

People. This is urgent. In fact, this is so urgent I couldn’t be bothered with my usual opening. 

Some of you have not-so-subtly wondered about the identity of the mysterious commenter known as Gossip Girl BFF. (Note that she is your BFF, girlies.) 

I have known who she is all along. However, since I’m so sweet, I choose to not spill and drive you totally insane. 

Aren’t I the greatest? 

Anyway, I’d like to request a drumroll because the moment you’ve all been waiting for is here. 

Gossip Girl BFF is…R. 

XOXO, Gossip Girl ❤️😘 


5 thoughts on “Emergency Gossip Girl Takeover! 

  1. Fine I confess. It was me. I am Gossip Girl BFF/A. I’m not saying this because Gossip Girl told me too. I just…wanted to. If you want to ask me any questions, you can. But as for why I did it, I don’t know. I guess to prove a point that I’m more than a sterotypical nerd girl who is a goody goody. But I guess that’s all I really am ’cause no one else cares to find out if there’s more beneath the invisible glasses. But for now, there’s nothing.


  2. Well, well, well. It seems Bookworm has made a mistake. Gossip Girl BFF isn’t R. It’s me. But I’ve decided to go by a new name.
    – Kisses, A


    • Sweetie. The only one who’s made a mistake is you. I know who you are and you’re not fooling anyone. Honey, if you don’t tell the truth. I swear to you, if you don’t I will. I’m giving you until midnight tonight.

      If you don’t expose yourself…I will.

      -Gossip Girl


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