Gossip Girl Takeover 6: A Farewell to H

It’s Gossip Girl here, your most reliable source in the day to day lives of Delaware’s most adorkable girls, cutest guys, and mean teachers. (Oh, all of the aforementioned people’s names have been edited/shortened to protect the one and only innocent person in this situation-moi.)       

*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•*•Ladies, ladies, ladies. There’s always a time where we must say goodbye. And it looks like we’re going to have to say goodbye to H. She’s been accepted into IB. You go, girlfriend! I can’t say I’ll miss you, H, but I know J will. She’s being amazingly supportive, too. 

And speaking of J, I thought we’d have to say goodbye to her too. Don’t judge me for thinking it, either. I mean, the girl was at O’Hare. The airport. In Chicago. Did she mention this to anyone? Thought so. 

And K. She’s got something up her sleeve–and J and C are in on it. Care to share, ladies? We’re begging you! 

All I know about K, J, and C’s little surprise is that it will go down this Friday at the dance. 

Speaking of the dance, I must ask again. Who plans on attending? I know I am! 

Hope to see you there, girlies. 

You know you love me–and I must say, it’s impossible not to. 

XOXO, Gossip Girl 😘❤️


18 thoughts on “Gossip Girl Takeover 6: A Farewell to H

  1. Unfortunately, there is no school today so if you’re worried about your secrets, they’ll be safe…until tomorrow.
    You know you love me, Gossip Girl BFF

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  2. Oh little naive Emma. You are so funny. As for me girls, I’ll be at the dance too. Better be careful…cause the drama doesn’t always end when the article does.

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