Gossip Girl Takeover 3: School Secrets

It’s Gossip Girl here, your most reliable source in the day to day lives of Delaware’s most adorkable girls, cutest guys, and mean teachers. (Oh, all of the aforementioned people’s names have been edited/shortened to protect the one and only innocent person in this situation-moi.)
I have to say something so horrible, it leaves a throbbing pain in my chest. I, Gossip Girl, was wrong. Can you believe that?!

It was what I said about J’s backbone. It still exists today. She talked to Tyler Blackburn yesterday. J was even the one to initiate the conversation. And they took a selfie together! It’s so very adorable. Who agrees that they make a cute couple? They even share some common “interests”, as we’ve suspected. 😉

And her crush on Keegan Allen. J rambles on and on about how she loves geometry, but she suddenly needs his help on a problem. When her class had just gone over the formula to solve this problem. I know she’s all lovey-dovey with Tyler Blackburn, but girlfriend knows how to keep her options open.

And K. Her birthday’s on tomorrow, so wish her a happy one! I hear K and J are going on a little shopping spree too. N’s birthday is coming up too. She’s having a sleepover. Fun, right? Especially for me, since I’m on the guest list. Other guests? A, R, C, J, and their last friend, who we’ll just call…H. Hmm. Wonder why M’s name isn’t on the list?

I know! Because of the tension between M and J, which still exists. Am I the only one who’s noticed J’s barely said four words to M in the past few days? Clearly, I am….I don’t even think M noticed. Not to mention the brief bout of tension between C and J. Hint hint, C: when someone tells you about their sick, depressed, possibly arthritic dog, you don’t respond sarcastically. Even I have more of a soul-not! (Notice my lack of commentary on the issue…)

In my opinion, R will be the first to notice this freeze-out. Isn’t she just the most perceptive little thing? And speaking of R, her solo in the musical is sounding pretty great. Rock on, Duckie!🐣 J’s choreography, on the other hand? Not so much. 😬

You know you love me-and I love me too.

XOXO, Gossip Girl 😘❤️


2 thoughts on “Gossip Girl Takeover 3: School Secrets

  1. Hi! Not to worry you Gossip Girl you know me…but I have to protect my identity. R is getting a lot of mean things said about her in the musical. Yesterday she spent the whole day crying. J’s choreography might not be the only one in trouble. I’ve said too much.

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    • Don’t pay attention to the haters, even though I know it’s hard to just shake them off. I should know-mine is everywhere. And it was so the Wicked Witch was the one who was off the beat. She totally missed three steps during the song. And she was moving too fast. And anyone who would waste their rime picking on a younger girl who is killing her dance routine and solos, is delusional and needs to get a life! Sheesh. And to the haters, you need to quit picking on my BFF and pick on yourself. I ride the after school bus with the Wicked Witch, and I know she can be loud. So maybe she should try singing loud enough so we can hear. And kudos to Mama Bear-she totally stood up for my bestie.

      And remember, haters only hate to avoid hating on themselves. Also, remember that I am here for you and so are J, C, N, and R.

      Love, Gossip Girl 😘❤️👭


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