Killing Two Birthdays With One Post

Hey! January 30 was the day of not one but two birthdays. The birthday girls are Kylie Bunbury and a good friend of mine. Bet you can’t guess who she is! (I’ll give you one hint: she’s a sarcastic thief, but a nice person!)

Kylie portrayed my third-favorite character on Twisted, Lacey. Not mention Jordan in Prom and Roxanne in The Sitter. Not only is she a great actress, but she’s really pretty, don’t you agree? Here she is with Jamila Velasquez, who portrayed Sarita on Twisted.


And the other birthday girl, who we’ll just call C. You better watch out-she’ll steal your things when you’re gone, and she’ll do it so smoothly you won’t even notice until she gives it back. But don’t get me wrong. She is an amazing friend…who insists on only delivering the brutal truth. Not to mention she’s a great person to watch PLL with. You gotta love her!
Here we are at the sixth grade dance.



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