Gossip Girl Takeover: A Little Closer to Home

It’s Gossip Girl here, your most reliable source in the day to day lives of Delaware’s most adorkable girls, cutest guys, and mean teachers. (Oh, all of the aforementioned people’s names have been edited/shortened to protect the one and only innocent person in this situation-moi.)
Today was rather uneventful. Ha! Like any day is uneventful. There’s always tension between even the closest friends. Like our favorite adorkable clique, consisting of R, J, C, and N. And their other good friends, A, M, and K.

For example, J. She’s been gushing about her crushes, who we’ll just call Keegan Allen and Tyler Blackburn, all week. Does she not have anything better to do? Guess not! But at least her fave show comes on tomorrow. I have the slightest inkling her friends are a little sick of seeing her make this face: 😍. I know I am!

And what about the tension between J and M? I mean, let’s face it, M has no off switch and makes the same lame jokes every single day! “Your headbands are lame.” Uh, what about yours? And our favorite, “You’re a loser.” It’s like, M. Wake up. You hang out with J. If she’s a loser, what do you think you are? (Answer: a bigger loser. M’s insults are so cliché. What is this, first grade?)

Today, J grew a spine (which will probably break by Monday) and stuck up for herself, calling M their Duff-which stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend. I don’t understand why M, R, and C reacted like J was being petty and bratty. The Duff doesn’t have to be fat or ugly. And besides, J was only giving M a taste of her own medicine. Isn’t that what feuding friends are for?

Oh, not to mention the brief bout of tension between J and N-not that that was anything interesting. They didn’t speak at science and then were giggling like besties at lunch.

Now that’s a true friend. Taking notes, M?

And you know who are true friends as well? C and R. Not only did R offer to help her friend out in inequalities, but she doesn’t get frustrated when J doesn’t get it because math is not J’s strong suit! Also, R is the first person J would ever look to for advice. Not to mention the fact that R tried to protect J when she found out about J’s budding crush on Keegan Allen. (Btw, that crush might be no more, R. Good looking out for your bestie, though! Kudos to you!)

And C. Some might say she’s cynical and sarcastic, and not at all nice, hut the truth is, she’s got a heart as big as the sun and really cares about her friends. By giving the brutal, stone-hard truth. Kudos to you as well, C. Oh, and I hope you enjoyed your birthday present-sorry it was anonymous!

See you next time friends. And next time, try to be more interesting. I feel like I’m writing about Justin Bieber. Can you say snooze fest?

You know you love me-and I love me too.
XOXO, Gossip Girl 😘

P. S.
What M is doing is not cool. Okay? While it might seem innocuous to everyone else, it might really hurt J. You don’t know what she went through. You don’t know if she’s sensitive to people teasing her. And who knows what goes on in J’s head? Yeah, sure she’s spineless and sort of wimpy, but one of these days she will get stronger.

And maybe she’ll realize that M isn’t really her friend.


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