12 Things I Wish to Do While I’m 12

As some of you already know, my twelfth birthday was yesterday. Here is a list of twelve things I’m going to do while in twelve.

1. Get all A’s and nothing but A’s I my pre-algebra class. (Translation: understand what my teacher says!)

2. Finish all six seasons of Gossip Girl! Currently on episode 16 of season four.

3. Find a new book series to read besides PLL.

4. Finish writing all of the stories I’ve been writing.

5. Finish reading Romeo and Juliet. I’ve been on Scene 2 since May of last year!

6. Be more assertive.

7. Rock my part at the school play-and get an even bigger part next year!

8. Get my crush to notice me. I’m not telling who it is, but I’ll give you a hint. Those glasses are so cute!

9. Enter a writing contest.

10. Win a writing contest.

11. Learn a new language.

12. Get through the year!


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