Red Band Society

You guys might have seen the post I reblogged last Thursday about </em>Red Band Society. I just started watching, and it’s almost as good as Twisted! If, of course, Twisted was a medical drama with a headstrong nurse and love triangles. 😜

Red Band Society is about a group
Of kids that live in a hospital. There’s Emma Chota, who’s suffering from anorexia. Dash Hosney, who has cystic fibrosis. Leo Roth, an osteosarcoma patient who was once a star athlete. And then there’s newcomers Jordi Palacios and Kara Souders. Like Leo, Jordi has osteosarcoma. Kara, the mean girl and queen bee, has an enlarged heart. And last but not least, there’s Charlie Hutchinson, our narrator…who’s in a coma.

There’s also the staff at the hospital. There’s Nurse Dena Jackson, who seems very scary and evil, but she really cares about her patients. Dr. Adam McAndrew, the ‘Hot Doc’-who, in my opinion, isn’t really that cute-who’s one of the best doctors in the country. And then there’s Brittany Dobler…who’s a nurse that shares the same mental capabilities of a hyperactive four year old. Don’t get me wrong, I do love Brittany, but she’s very naïve.

The plot is simple. Jordi shows up at the hospital one day pleading for Dr. McAndrew to treat him. He has an absentee father and a dead mother, and came to America from Mexico because his abuela didn’t believe he had cancer. She thinks Jordi has demons in his leg. Kara is at cheerleading practice when she collapses suddenly. Emma, Dash, and Leo have been at the hospital for some time. Emma has a brain, but Dash and Leo haven’t…well, let’s just say they haven’t been known to make the best decisions. When the group becomes good friends, Leo gives each of them red bands from his surgeries. (Even Charlie is a Red Bander.) And from that moment on, the Red Band Society is formed!

Oh, but don’t get me wrong-the show isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. For example, which staff member gave up a life of fame to go into the medical business? Why did this person do this? Which Red Banders were formerly in a relationship? Which Red Bander’s illness turns out to be more complicated than it looks? Which Red Bander will form a connection with a similar spirit? Which Red Bander might get transferred? All these questions and more will be answered…if, of course, you decide to watch. The episodes are on On Demand, Fox Now, and the app/website MovieTube.
And guys, I just found out yesterday-it has been canceled. I’m so upset.


FROM L-R: Dash, Jordi, Nurse Jackson, Emma, Kara, Charlie, Leo, Brittany, and Dr. McAndrew.


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