The Perfectionists

Ever picked up a Sara Shepard novel? Ever been intrigued by the mystery and realistic quality to her novels? Ever finished one of her book series and thought, “Whoa! That was an insane plot twist!”? I’m sure some of you have. And if not Sara Shepard, I’m pretty sure everyone in the country has picked up one mystery.

Ever heard of the typical teenage cliché? This cliché is the rich boy, obnoxiously disgusting sense of humor, future frat boy and/or convict, jerk, expert blackmailer, major womanizer. We know these guys as Chuck Bass. Archie Yates. Noel Kahn. Nate Archibald (mainly just rich frat boy). Mike Montgomery. Shallow girls like Blair Waldorf, Alison DiLaurentis, and Lacey Porter (she doesn’t seem like it now, but she was VERY shallow-to me, mainly-in the first few episodes) are the only ones interested in them. Everyone else-boys and girls alike-hates these guys. Everyone else-girls like Jo Masterson and Jenny Humphrey and guys like Dan Humphrey and Danny Desai-know to stay away from these guys. They have brains. (In Jo’s case, the brains are debatable, and so are Dan’s-he broke up with Serena van der Woodsen!)

So combine these two things, and you’ve got Sara Shepard’s new series, The Perfectionists. Interested? I thought so. Here’s a sneak peek-



TOP: Any thoughts on the cover? I love it. Comment your thoughts.

BOTTOM: The genius who invented PLL, TLG, and The Perfectionists-Sara Shepard! Without her, I would not have read some of the most amazing books ever. Love her!


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