10 Signs You’re Obsessed With a TV Show

1. It becomes all you talk about.

2. You spend all of your time watching this hypothetical show.

3. You’re following 3 or more spoiler accounts on various social media.

4. You’ve memorized entire scenes of dialogue.

5. You get aggravated-not mildly upset-when people either make fun of this hypothetical show or your favorite couple on this show.

6. You can feel physical pain when your fave couple breaks up.

7. You feel like there’s no greater joy when something bad happens to your least favorite character.

8. You’d have a heart attack if this show was taken off of Netflix.

9. If this show was cancelled, you’d fall into a lifetime depression and wouldn’t be able to move on.

10. Not only can you not survive the week-long gap between every episode, but you can’t survive hiatuses between seasons.

So, I’ve gotta know-how many of you have experienced these symptoms? Be brave enough to comment, guys! I’ll tell you firsthand even I’ve experienced some of these symptoms with Twisted.

And even if you guys don’t comment…I have a feeling you’ve all experienced these. So the real question is…who will be brave enough to comment? I mean, with my Twisted admission, I feel you all should.


Just a cute picture of Maddie Hasson and Avan Jogia. (FYI-I totally believe their characters, Jo and Danny, would make THE most adorable couple)


5 thoughts on “10 Signs You’re Obsessed With a TV Show

  1. Okay I’m gonna make a confession that you probably won’t know about me. I used to suffer all these symptoms with… THE SUITE LIFE ON DECK! I haven’t talked much about it but Suite Life on Deck was my kryptonite. I screamed when Bailey and Cody broke up. And when they graduated I didn’t want it to end. And let’s not forget when Cody ran away. Screamed again.

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  2. I had a feeling it was all going to lead back to Twisted..lol mine is PLL,Glee and Once Upon A Time! This was an intesting blog please do more blogs like this one!πŸ˜ƒ

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