Twisted Tuesdays: Part 2

Last week, I talked about my favorite show Twisted. This week, I’d like to talk about my anger about the show’s cancellation. The last episode had a cliffhanger involving most of the cast. About a minute before the ending, the screen went black…and a gunshot went off. A huge cliffhanger that shocked me at the time, but now just infuriates me.

In the months between April and August, I read about the Renew Twisted campaign-along with various others-and it raised my hopes. I also read that a writer for the show had said ABC Family hadn’t told them if they should do a cliffhanger or not. Which raised my hopes even more.

And when they canceled the show, I was so sad. Then I was extremely angry. I felt like ABC Family was ignoring their fanbase-and I still do. There are over 10,000 of us fans, and one ABC Family. We constantly spoke out against it, and what did they say? Nothing. Not a thing. Until they announced the news of the cancellation.

Which was just CRUEL. Evil. Digusting. Insane. Crazy. Ridiculous. Shall I continue? I know I can. But I can’t just be angry about it.

I have to think about how the show had a productive run. The cast loved it. The writers loved it. Even the network loved it. Even if I don’t want to-and trust me, I don’t-I have to move on. I will revisit this, and I won’t forget it.

For more information about the show’s cancellation and the fan campaigns, please click the links below.
<i>Twisted</i> Cancelled by ABC Family


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