In an earlier post, I wrote about Emma Paxton from The Lying Game. Today I’d like to talk about the book itself. In it, Emma was living with a foster family when she discovered a video of a girl who looked exactly like her. She reached out to Sutton on Facebook, and the mysterious doppelgänger invited Emma to come visit her. Upon her arrival, she began to suspect something was amiss, but was it real or imaginary? 

       It’s a good book, filled with drama, mystery, and comedy. In it, you’ll meet Madeline “Mads” Vega and Charlotte “Char” Chamberlain, Sutton’s best friends, and Alexandra “Alex” Stokes, Emma’s best friends. You’ll get a look at both Emma’s and Sutton’s worlds and childhoods, and how differently they think


3 thoughts on “Doppelgänger

  1. Cool but can you write more about Pretty Little Liars?Cause every sense you wrote about Emily I was like I should read her blog more often!Maybe write something about how you feel with Pretty Little Liars?Like with season 5 or something about how you felt about the summer finale ect.

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