Twisted Tuesdays

When I was younger, I hated Tuesdays. Why, I don’t know. The reasons for my hatred varied from year to year. The summer between fourth and fifth grade, I began to appreciate them. That was when my favorite show, Twisted, egan airing on ABC Family. I loved it so much,  I swear it was all I talked about. It is the most amazing mystery I’ve ever seen. It’s about three sixteen-year-olds-Danny Desai, Jo Masterson, and Lacey Porter-who were the best of friends until they were eleven. While Danny’s aunt Tara babysat the three, younng Danny killed her. (Stop reading right here and think to yourself-red flag? An eleven year-old up against his grown aunt? If you’d like to confirm or deny this suspicion, Netflix the episode “Dead Men Tell Big Tales.” All is revealed, so don’t watch immediately if you want to watch all the episodes!) Five years later, Danny returns from juvenile detention and tries to reconcile with Jo and Lacey. When another crime is committed, he’s immediately suspected and must try to clear his name. The thing about this show is that you don’t know if he did it or not. You have to go with the clues and guess. It leads to a pretty complicated web of secrets and lies, and when the show’s first season finale aired in April 2014, I, along with every other fan of the show, was left wondering, “Why would they do such cliffhanger?” and “Will the show be renewed for another season?” I hoped and hoped for it’s renewal, especially with all the new fan campaigns, but in August 2014, my hopes were shattered. Twisted had been canceled. (I was even more crushed because I found out through the comments on Kylie Bunbury’s Instagram) A few days later, I found out that Avan Jogia (who played Danny on the show) and Kylie Bunbury (who played Lacey) were doing a new show together. Yay! I’m still unhappy that ABC Family basically ignored the Twisted fan base, but I’ve decided to ignore that. (For now!)

For more info about Kylie and Avan’s show, click the link below.

<i>Twisted</i> Reunion: Kylie Bunbury Joins Avan Jogia's King Tut Event Series


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